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1 John 5:2 This is how we know that we love the children of God: by loving God and carrying out his commands.

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2007 Sermons 

Series Date Sermon Title Scripture

Individual Items 21/01/07 He makes the deaf to hear and dumb to speak! Mark 2:31-37

29/04/07 Living as God's children 1 John 2:28-3:9

20/05/07 We walk by faith Heb 11:8-19 

20/05/07 Listening to God 1 Kings 19:1-18

27/05/07 From every tribe and nation Rev 5:6-14

10/06/07 The Day Creation went Pear-Shaped Gen 3:1-13

17/06/07 Chalk and Cheese Acts 11:9-30

22/07/07 Who Dares Wins  Judges 4

28/10/07 Thirsty for God Psalm 42

Luke Series 14/01/07 The Man They Didn't Expect Luke 4:14-30

21/01/07 Authority and Power Luke 4:31-44

28/01/07 Trust and Obey Luke 5:1-11

18/02/07 Are  you a Jobsworth Believer? Luke 6:1-11

25/03/07 Best of Friends Luke 5:17-26

15/04/07 The Golden Rule  Luke 6:27-36

22/04/07 The Man who said Thank You Luke 17:11-19

05/08/07 Smashing Down Barriers Luke 7:36-50

05/08/07 The Sower Luke 8:4-15

09/09/07 Integrity Luke 11:37-54

16/09/07 Who is my neighbour? Luke 11:37-54

16/09/07 Reaping or Sleeping? Luke 10:37-54

28/10/07 Testing Times Luke 4:1-13


All sermons are Mark Reid 2007/2008.  Proper Use Policy is that you can use these to catch up on what I have been teaching. Please feel free to browse and study what has been said and I hope you find them an inspiration to you.  They are not finely crafted publication documents but just my notes.

If you are a preacher looking for ideas, I hope these help. Someone once said that a sermon is the Word of God filtered through a person's life. Based on this definition preachers need to write their own sermons. These sermons are presented not to be preached by others but to add to the dialogue as others study and prepare their sermons. Do yourself and your congregation a favour. Study and pray and allow the Holy Spirit to move you. God called you to be a preacher. Answer that calling!